Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm trying something different with Cat Dish Store. I'm charging $6.99 for shipping on all products. I don't want to do it with Dog Dish Store just yet. That would mean updating hundreds of products. I don't have a lot of products on the Cat Dish Store yet so I'll see how it goes there first.

Just added a book-mark button and share button to the my Dog Dish Store site to encourage people to bookmark my site or share with a friend. Even if they don't push the button it might get people to think about taking the long route in doing so.

I checked my abandoned carts on Google on Friday and saw that I had 200+ in the last 30 days. Maybe that's average... not sure but to me it was alarming. I tried to process a transaction on the site for a penny to test it and found that that my credit card processing system wasn't working. I use Propay with Buy It Sell It. Looking through community threads in Buy It Sell It I was able to see that I needed to contact Propay. I apparently had some kind of restriction on my account at Propay that wasn't allowing credit card transactions to go through. So I charged a penny successfully. So we'll see if that change impacts my sales for the better.

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