Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Couple New Sources for you

22 followers now! Welcome to all!

I've started my twitter account. I've changed my welcome message to ask people to submit cat pictures and dog pictures for the and have gotten quite a few responses. I'm very pleased with the level of response as a matter of fact.

If you need a company to provide you with forms for your website check out It's free up until I think 100 submissions. I'm hoping I don't reach that with how many photos are being submitted but it might be close. Whenever possible I ask people to email me the photos to avoid the form submission.

I continue to be very pleased with my Twitter accounts. It's bringing customers and now photos to my store.

I ordered my business cards from last week. The business cards are free and you just pay for shipping. I spent $11 and got 250 business cards being able to download my own design and I got an address stamp. I'll be sending these out to customers with a 10% off coupon code for them to use on their next purchase. I'll be providing them with 2 business cards. One of them is to pass along to a friend. If their friend makes a purchase, that friend gets 10% off their first purchase AND the referring friend gets 10% of their next purchase as well. I'm in the process of working on a flyer right now. I'm not impressed with my design skills, but it will get me by I suppose.

This post brought to you by our welcome mats

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