Monday, July 13, 2009

A few new sites to use as tools

The first that I've actually received two customers from is where you can add promotional advertising for your site. I put a 10% off coupon there and have gotten 2 customers from there so far. Well worth the cost... FREE. :-) Here is the coupon I posted. Just took 5 minutes.

Another site I found from a posting on community boards is You create a web page where it's a little like a home page. You direct people to your website with this tool. Here's my page.

The final website is You can create a blog here, but for now I'm treating it like all4webs and just creating a front page for people to click for my real website. Here's my Weebly page.

All of these were very easy to use and just took a few minutes to set-up. Hopefully it will bring new visitors.

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