Friday, May 29, 2009


I have decided to sign up with a service called Mad Mimi that helps you create a newsletter for your business. For the long time I thought I needed to have lots of customers to justify this account. But even at 25 customers I can send out a newsletter. I mean they can forward these offers to friends, they can be reminded they purchased from me and remember the good experience they had with my store.

I have created the mailing list and now I need to create the newsletter. They have quite a few tools on there so that should make it easier than starting from scratch with the limited tools I have on my computer.

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  1. Hi, how much does it cost for Mad Mimi? I use Express Email Marketing through GoDaddy and it costs $12.99/month for up to 2500 emails. They have a cheaper one but I have too many customers for that package.

  2. Mad Mimi is free for up to 100 subscribers. For 2500 names (that I think you could send as many emails as you want to those people) it's $14 per month. They have A LOT of different plans based on subscriber qty. When you say 2500 emails does that mean you're limited to sending out 2500 emails per month? Here's a link for the plan levels: It's nice that it uploads names from BISI opt-ins too. With 2500 customers that might be helpful for you too.