Friday, July 3, 2009

BISI Down For a day

This week was rough for Buy It Sell It account holders this week. Everything was lost up until the 26th for a full day and later restored. While the restoration was happening nobody had administrative access to their stores. This cause understandable fear and panic amongst store owners. BISI will lose many stores because of this outage. I myself am considering moving to I'm still trying to weigh the pros and cons. Everyone that has moved to seem very happy with their stores. I'll have to search their community boards and see how many complaints there are. The cost of both are the same. However I did just sign up with propay a couple months ago for them to handle my credit card transactions and I can't use propay with Zen Cart. Luckily I wasn't impacted very much by the BISI outage, but who knows what will happen if there is a next time. In looking at the boards of BISI it appears that people are still having problems though. Check out these complaints from The Selling Lounge. Well I'm off to dinner and the park to relax and not think about this whole mess.

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